Govinda SINGS in “Party Da Mood” with IMM!


Veteran actor Govinda is back but not as an actor, Govinda made his comeback as an Music Artist. Yes! You read that right. Govinda released his debut song “Party Da Mood” on YouTube, which was produced by IMM. The track features rhymes by BattleKATT, produced by Intense, composed by Shameer Tandon and co-written by The Teflon Don. “Party Da Mood” is the first of many Bollywood collaborations coming from this powerhouse camp of artists. This upbeat party number featuring Puja Banerjee reinstates Govinda as an entertainer and a true performer.

Watch Govinda’s “Party da Mood” Ft. BattleKatt

[youtube id=”2ffEOD9DYQo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Intense – More than a DJ

Intense really has been busy lately. His albumMore than a DJ” got a good response, and was heard by a rising number of worldwide fans. He definitely marked his territory as a producer, and now with this latest track with Govinda, there’s no doubt that Intense is much, much more than just a DJ. The Hip Hop collective of IMM is surely on the rise and they are constantly at work to release more new songs, singles, albums, Bollywood features – pretty much the whole nine yards! This is definitely a group that any Desi Hip Hop fan must keep their eyes on. Check out the video below, and be sure to share it!

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