Ginz Asks ‘Can We Go Back’?

Each Wednesday Ginz shares a new song with his fans and today he releases “Can We Go Back.” The song has been produced by The Produce Section.

With each single release, Ginz shares the lyrics of his songs so the music makes the impact he is looking for. In “Can We Go Back,” Ginz raps,

“lets take it back to vinyls and cd’s & tape cassettes
when the radio would play, i would tape that mess
sony walkmans and maxxells, middle school growin
then highschool slowly approached, i started flowin
we some killa komrades, me and my boy RIZLA
my homie called it quits, i made a switch up, and kick dust
fuck it man, cuz the past is the past
the future is a present…”

Do you relate to Ginz’s lyrics?