Ghunguru – Xpolymer Dar [Prod. By GHAURI]


Okay so I came across something really interesting going on in our brother country, “Pakistan“. Here we have Ghunguru by Xpolymer Dar and 30 seconds into the track you will vibe to the intensity of his delivery. You will also come to know that there is a story behind it but that is not my concern and I want nothing but peace and harmony among my brothers.

xpolymer dar ghunguru bcl blade ghauri

This track is also a first for me in a way as this is the first time I came across something with heavy Urdu wordings spiraled into the beat. It has a very grimy flow which is very unorthodox but perfectly delivered. He has an aggressive take on the subject but he does not let his anger distract him from the art of lyricism. As you keep listening to the track, you will be so busy bumping it, that you will not notice when the flow switches and by the the time you will notice it, it would have flipped again. It took me at least 5 repetitions to acknowledge such nuances.

Well I am not gonna lie, I heard the track and I was craving to know what went down so I did my share of research to try and analyze what the track was about and what misunderstanding could have lead to this. It seems that it revolves around something being said in ‘Dangal‘ which came as a promo track for They See Battle League first event.

This literary piece is meant for telling the readers about the track and not the controversy behind it. In case someone wants to find out more he can do exactly what I did which is to search on the Internet. All things said this is a good track and we recommend you check it out and I will look out for music from Xpolymer Dar.