Garry Sandhu and Roach Killa Spend ‘Din Raat’ Together

Garry Sandhu’s single “Dil De De” topped the charts and the feature by Roach Killa helped with the popularity. Garry has teamed up with Roach for “Din Raat” in hopes of getting the same attention from media and fans.

The song is about a deep love, but the video has Garry and Roach inseparable. The boys are seen in a restaurant, then in the studio, and lastly at the Brit Asia Awards. Garry’s girl is neglected on her birthday and it seems our hero is having trouble balancing his time.

With the song’s context and video we are caught up in Garry and Roach’s romance. The whole video ends with a close-up of Garry’s 2 Brit Asia Awards and we like to congratulate him for his successful year.