Why do gangsters go towards rapping? Is it evil to be hip hop?

Many rappers have had a background that relates to a hustle to drug dealing to God knows what. Then how did they rhyme

Mr. NOT-A-Rapper

with basic metronomes and ended up giving us dope beats. It’s the soul inside them. They all can relate to each other with respect to life’s struggles and hardships. Sometimes, you can’t be legit and still pay the rent as Tupac reminds us. Sometimes one has to take a road that’s full of shock but you end in awe, when you cross it. We got many examples today and obviously not to ignore Snoop Dogg and the recent game changer Nipsey Hussle. His Crenshaw mixtape as I listen to it reminds me of how life is real and in the end it you yourself who helps you out. In short, the best man is the man in the mirror. If these two gentleman can make it to the top seeing a fair amount of struggle and still hustle, I guess anyone can. See we are all different from each but humanity links us. Hence, we are all unique and one at the same time. I guess this was the inspiration that got many people from the wrong side of life (no disrespect to them) made a way to the life we all dream of literally. It’s all about telling the world that we all have poets inside us, only few discover it.

We All Gotta Struggle

I have seen a bit of struggle in my time at university and for some reason I got attached to hip hop in general and heard some things some verses that I could relate to even though the words were coming from the US and I was in Wales UK. I mean c’mon how could I just connect? Statements made in those songs and tracks were stuck with me and made me struggle harder and go through a lot. Hip Hop has been a poetic inspiration and a source of motivation for me, in short.

Now, Desis judge each other that’s why fewer people go towards hip hop in our brown world except for the few here and there who try out stuff and some make it to the top and we don’t even consider whether they are copying someone or replicating hip hop or trying to fool the nation. Hip Hop is a phenomenon that is being messed about, but trust me, whatever anyone says it’s a culture and what these labels and fame and glamour are trying to turn it into, no matter what it will always be that classic street poetry that talks about a human goes through tough times.

Times are changing.

Infact, times are getting real to be fair.

We should learn from other races. Selling records and making music is just not a money thing, the inside story is of soul. Even Jim Carrey tells us when you reach that level of riches and luxury you realize you were so wrong thinking this all would be happiness. It’s a soulful thing that unites every person no matter the colour or language. We need to accept it and consider it touching any human being with the proper note.