Gamble’s Next Video Will Have You Turnt Up!

Gamble of the Crown Fam is about to drop another music video, titled “Rhythm of the Night“. In his own words, this is “one of my first major videos and to be real, I have [a lot more] in the plans for 2015!” I don’t know about you, but I always found his videos to be pretty kick ass and out of the box. If this is going to be even bigger than his past works, then this will probably one of the dopest videos we’ve seen yet! And, he kind of confirms that hypothesis with the Behind the Scenes footage posted below. The song, and the video had me itching to hear and see the end product as soon as possible!

Gamble‘s part of the California collective – Crown Fam – which is also home to artists like Celestial, Shugga Shane, Dizzy, King Turnt, Young Prince, Lil Shine, and others. One of my favorite songs by Gamble in 2014 was “Addiction” (give that a click, you’ll know exactly why I love it so much.) The crew also released remixes to “Chiraq” and “Believe Me” recently, both of which got a great response on We’re surely looking forward to “Rhythm of the Night” which is coming soon!

Behind the Scenes – Gamble : “Rhythm of the Night”