Gamble’s new song “Addiction” is more than a gateway drug!


Gamble‘s latest music video, “Addiction”, just hit the online circuits today. And it’s impressive, to say the least! I had to have the volume turned all the way up which woke up a few neighbors and a tired, napping girlfriend. But, good news is, the song’s so dope that even a hibernating bear would wake up to good vibes. It’s a catchy tune that will get you addicted in no time!

The video makes me want to catch the next flight out to the west coast and party with the Crown Fam. It looks like all fun & games and I need a vacation! Over all, the song’s enjoyable with smooth vocals from Gamble and his co-star Av Dope; Gamble also spits a very dope rap verse to make the song complete. “Addiction” is like an amalgamation of IamSu! mixed with a touch of Drake with a complete west coast vibe, and with the unique Gamble trademark all over it.

You’ll enjoy this one, so put up those volumes and go hard at it until your addiction wears off. Take another hit once that happens – Umm, I mean, hit repeat once you’re done!