Fusion – AASHIQI Feat. Sona Walia & Kam Frantic

Fusion – AASHIQI feat. Sona Walia & Kam Frantic (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Fusion – AASHIQI feat. Sona Walia & Kam Frantic (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Fusion - AASHIQI feat Sona Walia - Kam Frantic (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Urdu Rapper brings Aashiqi.

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Bradford born rapper, ‘Fusion’ is set to release his debut single ‘Aashiqi’, which features the amazing vocal talents of ‘Sona Walia‘ and the skills of the legendary production guru ‘Kam Frantic‘.

Proud of the prominent image Bradford has to offer with its regeneration and being crowned the City of Film, the loyal rapper chose to shoot the video in his home town. He wants to represent Bradford to the fullest and put it on the musical map.

The infectious Aashiqi was produced with a feel-good factor in mind. A vision to set the dance floors on fire as soon as the DJ hits play. The energy and up-tempo style of the song is guaranteed to get feet tapping and heads bopping. One listen and you’re hooked.

That said, Aashiqi is not your typical dance floor filler and has more to offer then just a unique beat. The song has been carefully and creatively designed to give him a foothold in the music industry, hence the collaboration with Kam Frantic renowned for launching successful careers in the music scene. Uniquely, Fusion’s style of rapping in Urdu and English ensures not only his success as a music artist but also as a torch-bearer in a new genre which will undoubtedly be followed by others.

Aashiqi has already been added to the BBC Asian Network new sounds playlist as well as other station playlists in countries as far afield as Australia and Africa!

Aashiqi is released on the 17th October 2013 via iTunes.

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