Fresh Dressed: A Journey Deep into Hip Hop’s Fashion Industry


A super interesting tale of where and how hip hop’s fashion industry grew, literally from the streets to a multi-billion dollar industry, the movie Fresh Dressed lays it all down. A documentary directed by Sacha Jenkins, featuring all the hip hop artists, it throws light on the history of hip hop with perspectives from musicians including Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky and more.

Orchard Street where it all started – the baggy pants and the graffiti, the over-sized jackets and the gold laced chains, the hustle to survive went from the streets to the biggest American malls and the ramps. Director Sacha Jenkins draws out the history from archival material and runs it through the film with interviews of rappers, designers, hip hop aficionados and industry insiders.

The urban hip hop fashion has a fascinating history behind all the way starting from the cotton plantations and the gangs of the 70s in the South Bronx leading to corporate America. Fresh Dressed really draws from how something that was so small and so underground overtook and flooded the mainstream market through sheer originality and the reality of lives of people who were part of the hip hop journey. The film also documents the tailor Dapper Dan who made clothes for all the 80-s stars and is credited with sampling them to the fashion industry. It’s not only the clothing but the culture and the lifestyle that is imbibed in the music reflecting through fashion that made it even more prominent and alluring to the mainstream industry and the journey that it took for the street to percolate into the mainstream. This is Sacha Jenkins’ debut film and it was screened at the Sundance Film Festival.