For The First Time Two Indian Femcees Kill It With Their Punching Bars!


For The First Time Two Indian Femcees Kill It With Their Punching Bars!

Though we have come a long way and seen the game step up to a great extent, one thing that we need to transform is the minor population of active female rappers elevating. But we got this Raw n Real” video by two female rappers from India for the first time! It’s one of a kind, have a glimpse of what they feel by reading this article first.

“The genre in the country still seems to be a more male oriented affair and funnily some people don’t know that female rappers actually exist in the country! I even had viewers coming up to me after performances and telling me that they were naive about the fact that femcees exist and its a really fresh concept for them”, Nupur a.k.a Femcee Evil told us exclusively.

“We just need some support and unity amid us artists, it was a video we randomly recorded and the results were overwhelming. Consider it as a shoutout to all female artists and Hip-hop lovers over the world” K Steph stated in the interview.

Stephanie who goes by the alias K Steph is a new femcee who is yet to release her debut track. This fresh talent along with Femcee Evil  recently uploaded a video of them jamming and treated everyone with their free verses and bars. Surprisingly the video got mad support and appreciation by everybody through the world and received 5.5k views in a week!

K Steph and Femcee Evil will soon be coming up with a track together. Anyways check out their video and let us know what you felt.

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