Feyago’s Debut Mixtape “Initiation” defines ‘Real Hip Hop’


Feyago is an artist who defines “Real Hip Hop”. His debut mixtape, Initiation, caught my attention right from the start. The first song tells a story that will grip you and help you see the world in the eyes of Feyago. The mixtape is full of thought-provoking songs; In some songs he talks about his own experiences, and in other tracks, he walks in the shoes of other people.

The album is packed with gripping lyrical songs – some in multilingual languages. Not kidding. The album’s first music video was released last month, titled “Socha Hai”, which was a great example of his multilingual rap skills. The talented Feyago spent most of last year performing all over. After 90 live performances across 4 countries, he was featured on MTV Roots, and won the Whistling Woods Award for Best Music Video and also had the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Kellee Maize, Albatross, Joint Family Internationale, Yama Buddha and many more artists,

Listen to Feyago’s “Initiation”

Also watch Feyago “Socha Hai”