Feyago Creates a Remix for the sake of Indo-Pak Peace!


Feyago‘s recently released music is a dope representation of the power of Hip Hop. The song, titled “Lag Ja Gale”, is all about peace between India and Pakistan, and he expresses the idea very well through this remix.

I found the beat to be really dope, as well as the content. He rode the beat very well, and kept me hooked. The basic content of the song talks about peace between India and Pakistan, and how we’re all brothers at the end of the day. This message of Unity is what I love supporting and love getting behind. With a divided Asia, we are cheating ourselves from achieving greater things together. This is the same exact reason that DesiHipHop.com’s motto is “UNITY thru HIPHOP”, and we can already see how we’re achieving that thanks to artists like Feyago and hip hop fans from all over the world.

Listen to Feyago’s “Lag Ja Gale”