Feral Makes His Comeback

Emcee Feral, a Delhi based rapper and member of the crew F.B.I  recently made his come with a new track called ‘Retreat’. It’s been a long time feral released a song. Feral himself written and produced this song.

F.B.I is Delhi based Indian Hip-Hop crew and it’s members are G-Grip, Emcee Feral and Explyrix.

From last few days Feral was giving hints on Facebook to release a new song, as you can see in pictures below.


Retreat starts with beautiful lines ‘Hip-Hop music, people don’t understand it, Guns and Drugs? They can’t even stand it.’ Let’s wait and watch what else feral has on his plate for his fans.

You can listen this song here!

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]

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