Bohemia, J Hind, Sukh-E Set For Party Of The Year With The Blue Chip


This October 28th, Bohemia returns to Bamboo Bar in Philly along side Sukh-E, Kamal Raja and many more for another night of exhilarating entertainment that is sure not to disappoint! The line up also boasts of artists with immense calibre such as J Hind, Dr. Kashif Sail, Lucky Love and Sumair Sheikh. DJ Salman and DJ Harry are on deck duty in charge of spinning mad tunes for the party goers.

Desi Hip-Hop Stars And Their Reality TV Saga


Desi Hip-Hop Stars are not afraid of participating, hosting or judging a reality show. Just like Bollywood and TV stars, they can also do such reality shows and show their real personality to the world. From singing to dance-based reality shows,…

Desi Hip-Hop Stars And Their Luxurious Cars

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As we all know, the five elements of hip hop are MCing/rapping, Djing, Breakdance, Beatboxing and Graffiti with the universal element being Knowledge. Speaking of South-Asian countries, there is a rapid growth in the hip-hop scene. We have seen good hip-hop music in countries…