Favourite Angel – Humble The Poet (Radiohead Bootleg)

The following is what Humble The Poet says in every video :

I am a writer, musician, and creative who loves to bring ideas to life. I used to be an elementary school teacher, and I learned a lot about how to put things into words to help people feel better about life. Now I try my bests to do that and connect with people through my music, my book, and my other creative projects.

humble the poet favourite angel bootleg
Humble The Poet

I could not agree more with that introduction. He is indeed a very political and socially aware artist. His latest release Favourite Angel discusses how we as the human race are the cause of all the problems being caused in the world, be it the bombings in Paris, other attacks all over the world in the name if ISIS or for that matter even the climatic phenomena called Global Warming. It is our actions which have led to consequences such as the prior mentioned problems. In the same track in which he criticizes human actions he also advocates the possible solutions and summarizes that it is only who is a part of the solution. It is the unity in humans and creating awareness about peace and prosperity which will make Earth a better place to live.

I am not aware who the producer is but has done an amazing job and creates the perfect ambience for the track. Humble the poet is a gifted artist and a magician lyricist and this track is rock solid proof.

Check out the track right here: