Exclusive! Lazarus & D12 Music Video ‘Behind The Scenes’ Footage!

This just in! Some exclusive ish right here for the entire Desi Hip Hop community. And, I’m not joking, because this footage CANNOT be found anywhere else on the web!

This month is about to be one of the dopest months for Desi Hip Hop music. With Bohemia‘s latest single & video released, and 50 Cent’s G-Unit making a comeback, we’re about to witness history with the comeback of D12. And this time, Eminem‘s crew decided to link up with Lazarus to make the worlds’ heads turn. The song “Lay The Law Down” is in a class by itself. And, the video promises to be kick ass to the level that I cannot even fathom. The behind the scenes footage below gives an idea of what’s about to drop from these Hip Hop legends. (Read More Below)

Exclusive ‘BTS’ footage of “Lay The Law Down” – Lazarus ft D12 (Kuniva & Swifty McVay)

It’s great to see that D12‘s Kuniva & Swifty McVay are taking such an interest in Lazarus. And, rightly so! Lazarus has been grinding for numerous years now. After recording songs with Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, and getting a standing ovation from Russell Simmons, he even took it further by rocking the crowd at this year’s SXSW (the longest running concert festival in the world!)

He has a dream & he’s been pushing towards achieving his goals ever since he put his pen to the pad. It’s clear in this footage (& during some of the conversations we’ve had with these artists) that D12 really respects Lazarus and his skills. D12 has been in the rap scene ever since I was a child, and they’ve been there, done all a that! They’ve seen it all. They’ve performed worldwide, released platinum records, and accomplished everything imaginable by musicians. It must be an immense honor to be in Lazarus’ shoes & have Eminem‘s right hand men on your side!

Official video of “Lay the Law Down” drops June 14th. You already know where you’ll find it.