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A short and crisp conversation with Deepa Unikrishnan alias Dee MC after the release of her first official Music video ‘Talk My Way’. Dee shares her experience of coming out with first ever music video with a South Indian and North Indian connection as Kru172 Produced the Music of this Song.

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Kartik: Talk my way is your first song ever?

Dee Mc: No, take me away was my first track along with Poetik Justis last year around March.

Kartik: Have you been continuously working after that?

Dee Mc: Yeah kinda, one track every few months.

Kartik: What brought you in hip-hop? In India specifically hip-hop is having messy scenario.

Dee Mc: I had keen interest for rap since years. You can say I’m obsessed with hip hop I barely listen to any other genre. Used to do covers of Eminem songs, fort minor tracks etc. Viraj Manjrekar (MC Roger) from Mumbai introduced me to old school hip hop & encouraged me to start writing my own stuff. I was good at it, so thought why not?

Kartik: What was the response for your first song ? Because it is not as easy as it may seem for one to prove him/herself in hip-hop and it’s even hard for females. I’m talking about Indian rap scenario where Rap is considered to be only male oriented pursuit.

Dee Mc: I’ve always got tremendous support. Never faced any discrimination based on gender. It was a mix response, as it was my 1st track that too with one of the pioneer emcees, they said I did well. My flow wasn’t so tight back then so many pointed that out, that it needs polishing.

Kartik: How did you conceptualize ‘talk my way’? Because this song is lyrically best.

Dee Mc: I’ve improved a lot lyrically. The way I started out, I’ve made sure none of my tracks are meaningless! Lyrics to me are the most important part of the track unlike many artists who prefer to keep it sassy with fewer lyrics. Talk My Way to be honest came to me naturally I had no concept as such in my mind.

Kartik: How you and kru172 decided to start work on this project?

Dee Mc: Nottotune heard my track on YouTube somehow and asked me to work with him. Who says no to an original production? (Chukkels!) So we started working on it.

Kartik: Great! And how this south Indian and north Indian connection worked out for both, you and kru172?

Dee Mc: I’m born & brought up in Mumbai. Connection is not a problem for us Mumbaikars. It was amazing working with them! Had to struggle a bit due to distances, so all the work had to be done via internet! To be honest I am still not aware of many artists in underground. Had no idea who they were before I started working with them. I’m really lucky they approached me because Talk My Way wouldn’t have been this successful if it wasn’t with kru172.

Kartik: Have you ever featured in any commercial song?

Dee Mc: I did one low budget Bollywood movie track. Hasn’t been released yet & I kept mum about it. Bollywood isn’t my forte; I still don’t know why I did that track!


Kartik: So i should say you’re not interested in commercial work!

Dee Mc: Hopefully never again. I have my own dreams and Bollywood is not a part of it! I want to earn. But not by compromising with my abilities! What I can give to my audience lyrically being independent, I cannot through Bollywood! I for one, cannot stand “Young Money Cash Money Billionaires” or peeps like that, how can I myself sell out then? Selling out is different from earning through hip hop music, know what I mean? If I’m ready to write any jibber jabber for money then I’ve sold out, if I’m making music which makes sense & am earning through it then that’s a different case and that is the case I want.

Kartik: Simply you want to keep up the good work! I’m impressed Deepa!

Dee Mc: Haha I’m glad you are! Then again my expectations aren’t too high being really practical. Because India is not prone to changes & I don’t think they will ever accept any other source of music as widely as they accept Bollywood!

Kartik: Any updates for the new song?

Dee Mc: Nothing as of yet. I have written few bars for my next track, hopefully with another video. I want to make it a trend; reach the masses through music videos rather than plain lyrical ones.

Kartik: Who is producing your videos?

Dee Mc: Talk My Way was shot using my own digicam (Sony cyber shot) Dhaval parab helped me shoot it and he did a brilliant job! I haven’t spent any money on this because I’m not earning any. After this video, many have approached me offering help for future. So maybe the next one would be better quality wise.

Kartik: Good! So it isn’t much tough for an underground artist to come up with music videos right? Like one just need sources and friends you are ready to help you anyway out!

Dee Mc: Monetary wise, editing can cost you bucks. But for the shoot, all you need is people willing to help you. Finding them can be really tough. I struggled a lot before I asked Dhaval to help me! If people have faith in your music they will help you out. (I bet the ones who turned me down must be feeling real bad after watching the video, ha-ha suck it!)

Kartik: Well! Talk my way was a superb song as your fans said. You can consider me one of your fans! And good luck for the next project.

Talk My Way by Dee MC Feat. Kru172

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