Exclusive interview of BeatGrenade


Roy Navarun aka BeatGranade is one of Indias finest beatboxers, he shares his story with us! Talks about this recent performances and what Hip Hop really means to him!


1.How did u come up with ur name beat grenade? What does it mean?

Beatgrenade…ahh yes…Once after a gig someone came up to me and said..”you drop beats like a grenade”.. and later on i sorto moulded it to sound a tad bit cooler ..Beatgrenade.

2.How are the Beatboxing scenes now in Mumbai? Your views?

Beatboxing scenes have been on a constant rise ..the likes of skilled beatboxers are increasing by the day…and the skill levels I have witnessed in the past two years is easily much much higher than compared to when I started.

3.How did you start beatboxing? 1004993_10151987059497171_420920929_n

I started beatboxing when I used to be a rapper before and I used to spit in beats in between my words. Gradually people kept coming and complimenting the beats more than my verses so I picked up the art and back in 2008 i was doing it considerably well.
The real push came in 2009..when an onstage incident changed my view of the art completely.

4.Tell about your journey from first beat to be considerd amngsts Indias Best beatboxers

The whole journey has been amazing from being Vielleicht der charmanteste Slot book of ra deluxe kostenlos im Reich der Spieleautomaten. amongst the people enjoying and headbanging to my idols and watching YouTube vids of people living the beatbox dream and aweing the audience to the other end of the stage its been a complete mad mad journey…my usp has always been to take beatbox and link it to my personality and the kind of stuff i do..wether it be humor, Jazz, electronica , you”ll know i have my soul into my beatbox. That”s what i guess people dig after all.

5. How do manage Hip Hop and your job?

Well its not really tough. Iv got a good boss and who”s educated in the States. So he pretty much understands me taking leaves for music and practice. Really thank full to him. He”s cool himself and knows about a lotta stuff musically.

6. Where did u beatbox recently? How was the experience? IMG_2892

I beatboxed at THHM Cypher Vol 2. And it was kickass . All the community was out there doing their stuff and people gotta see for the first time how much talent we got out here . Honestly when Virat Pawar was organising this..I did not have much faith in it being a success but it was a fantastic event..expecting a lot from the next volume of Thane Hip Hop Movement

7. One msg u would like to give to people about Hip Hop?

Hiphop is a medium of expression of art and how you folks appreciate a violinist or a cellist playing on the TV , this too is an amalgamation of arts that require equal amount of skill and hardship . A lot of people like “A list” are using this as a medium for launching anti-oppressionist movements. Its a treasure trove if explored with an open mind. Hurrah.

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