“Finding your inner voice is more important than being the ‘dopest’!” Adil Omar


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Adil Omar’s been making some big moves ever since he started his career in the music industry. The man not only enjoyed collaborating with some of the greats of Hip Hop, but his indie debut album “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” took the internet by storm and really riled up his audience. Recently, Adil Omar released “Exploding Heart” which blew up all over the internet within hours of its release. With everything that Adil’s been working on lately, Hip Hop fans like us know that only good things are coming up for Adil Omar.

Finding yourself, your inner voice and what sets you apart is much harder and far more important than being the “dopest”. I can’t stress that enough…  Take inspiration, use it correctly, sure, but be yourself. ” – Adil Omar

Recently, we got the opportunity to catch up with Adil Omar, and here’s how the interview went:

1) What inspires you the most as an artist?

adil omar 4The hunger to create, to have a voice. I need to express myself without a filter and the best way to do that for me is through music and songwriting. I think about death a considerable amount, and I want to spend my limited time on Earth how I see fit – being the person I am, doing the things that make me happy and feed my soul. Experiences inspire me, they’re sometimes like my personal experiments which spark my ideas.

2) Growing up, you must have been musically inclined. What sparked your interest in music during those young years of your life?

I’ve always loved music. My parents played a lot of music in the house when I was growing up (Pink Floyd, Queen, The Rolling Stones, etc.) – I was given basic guitar and piano lessons as a kid which I unfortunately didn’t continue but it did spark even more of an interest. I started writing rhymes when I was 9 but got more serious at 10 – 11 when my father died and mother fell ill. It was like my outlet and I just kept doing it obsessively. I had a lot of rage, anxiety and inner demons and that was my only way to really channel those negative thoughts and feelings. When I was kicked out of school at 14 and put into another school, that’s when I started making more use of my time and recording songs.

3) You’ve had the privilege of getting to work with numerous artists worldwide – including B Real, Xzibit, and so many others. Which one of these experiences were the most memorable?

Listen to “Exploding Heart”

B-Real I have the utmost respect for and I’m probably the friendliest with. B gave my career a start and helped launch me as a professional recording artist. Before meeting him, I was just a kid on MySpace putting up average angsty teenage hip-hop which I now look back at and laugh, but he clearly saw the potential I had and encouraged me. Most of the major collaborations I was a part of, especially on The Mushroom Cloud Effect were at a time where I was still getting to know myself as an artist and hadn’t yet grown into my own skin. I’m much happier with the work I’m doing now. I’m a lot more focused, confident, hungry, raw, interesting, individualistic, avant garde without forcing it and I’d be happy to work with those artists again if it came together naturally.

4) Where would you like to see your career in 5 years?

Let’s just see where it goes naturally. If I haven’t evolved tremendously by then, then I suck and I’m a hack (future Adil, make a note of that).

5) Any words of inspiration or advice for the fans and other artists?

Be yourself, that’s not a cliche. If you’re doing music and are in the early stages of your career, it’s not a fucking competition (yet at least). Finding yourself, your inner voice and what sets you apart is much harder and far more important than being the “dopest”. I can’t stress that enough. Nobody will remember you if you channel your favorite artist, no matter how fucking talented you are. Take inspiration, use it correctly, sure, but be yourself. Don’t be the next Eminem, don’t be the next Tupac, don’t be the next Drake, don’t be the next Kendrick. Be yourself and tap into what makes you unique… And that normally comes from the parts of you which you’re most insecure about – those are also your greatest strengths.