To The Culture '16

This year it’s Desi HipHop Style!!

Like KRS-One says – “Hip is the knowledge; Hop is the movement”, by THE CULTURE our goal is to bring them both under one common platform. Globally, heads are turning towards India because of its rapidly growing Hip-Hop scene. We are here to organize it so as to become a representative of this art form for our country.
Urban Street Culture was once simply classified as “underground”- but now it is at the cutting edge of mainstream society. Such groups, with members in the hundreds of millions, have not only created expanding empires, but thriving global industries in their own backyards with annual revenues in the tens of billions. The rapid growth and decline in our societies is becoming more apparent due to cultural, economic and social standards, we can no longer neglect these widening divides. Through THE CULTURE we hope to counter these processes by providing a place for the weary and uninspired to come and learn – to discover the limitless options available for them out there; customize life and make it your own. We plan to show them how.



To The Culture '16

India's Biggest Hip-Hop Jam


Mumbai, India