Elsewhere compares their souls with Reebok sole’s


Elsewhere the very same crew that is recognized for making Battle Rap relevant in India just dropped new music as a group. It is great to see underground crews such as Elsewhere being recognized by brands such as Reebok. Reebok just collaborated with hip-hop heavyweight Kendrick Lamar to release their new sneaker to nullify the gang culture.

Elsewhere have been making music for a long time and it is good to see these guys come together and drop this track. The track is simple and is an ode to the soul of every artist and comparing it to the sole of every classic Reebok sneaker released.

E.M.F gave me an insight into what the crew is upto these days.

Q1. What are you upto ?

A1. We are right now trying to concentrate more on individual brand building as an artist’s which we have mostly succeeded in doing. Adding those efforts to the group as elsewhere is what we’re trying to do now.

Q2. The new track is sick, what was the concept behind it ?

A2. The concept was comparing the sole of the shoe and souls of ourselves as musicians, both of them give us classics. Be it shoes or music.

Q3. How does it feel to be affiliated with Reebok ?

A3. It feels great to be affiliated with a brand which is associated with Kendrick. We all are huge Kendrick fans and it is awesome that we are a part of this movement.

Q4. Whats in store for Elsewhere ?

A4. Elsewhere has a lot of music in store, a few webshows which will blow the minds of hip-hop fans here. While all this is going on, elsewhere mixtape is also in the pipeline but nothing anytime sooner.

Q5. What message for your fans and followers ?

A5. Support the right artists is all we would love to say. And also keep working. No matter what.