Dukkho – Royal Bengal Mob (RBM)



The world first heard about the Royal Bengal Mob RBM – when they dropped their RBM Cypher, as part of the #DHHCyphers series. Since then fans have loved every bit of their sick flows. Not only can they flow well on the beat, but they stand out from other rappers with their capabilities.

Their latest release – titled ‘Dukkho‘ (translates to ‘Depression’ or ‘Sadness’) – is another track where the rappers from RBM showcases their flows. The rappers talk about the various stresses and worries faced by regular people throughout life. B.S.B. starts off the song with a strong verse, and is followed by Nizam Rabby. Just like in the RBM Cypher, Nizam Rabby‘s flow stood out exceptionally in this song as well. The track was finished off by G Thug, to complete yet another dope single from Royal Bengal Mob.

Dukkho – Royal Bengal Mob