Dubstep meets HipHop in Dub Clash


dubstep meets desi hiphop in dub clash

Sound Shikari is becoming everyone’s favorite in the underground hip hop scene. He has been producing some sick beats for artists like MC Azad, Cash Saini, Uday Bakshi and many more which are yet to be released. Sound Shikari released this new album titled Dub Clash on 13th of December. This album is a mixture of Desi, Hip Hop & Dubstep vibes in it, Some of my personal favorites are Headshots, Views From The Top, Tumbiholic, Hun Dus & Broken. You may have seen producers putting in Old School music to give the song a real Hip Hop touch but never any producer putting in some dope Dubstep High Frequency beats in a hip hop song with a Desi touch in it.

Sound Shikari is planning to release bunch of songs by the end of this year with some of the most renowned artists in the desi hip hop scene which clearly states that we can hope of something really big coming out next year.

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