Drega Fascinatingly Expresses the ‘Immigrant’ Story

North America is built on immigrants. From Queens blvd in New York, to Gerrard Street in Toronto, to Devon Avenue in Chicago – The US & Canada are home to millions of Desi immigrants. Each and every immigrant’s story in the US or Canada is different; but, Drega manages to express a common thread faced by immigrants through his personal journey – his own family’s ‘immigrant story’ – in a fascinating way.

It’s refreshing to see the reality between his lines. Not only are these experiences eye-opening, but they shine a light onto the Desi Immigrant Story that not everyone is aware of. When asked why he wrote this song, Drega went on to say, “I wrote this song from the perspective of the brown kid growing up in Brampton in response to the xenophobe who wonders why we stick to ourselves and why we don’t just become more like them. But rather then make it an “us vs them” thing as is so often the case in the media, I made the lyrics apply to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.” Check out ‘All I Know’ below, and share your stories with us and the DHH community.

Watch Drega – “All I know” – Official Music Video