Does this solve your problems ? Problem Solver Out Now


Just a few days ago, Slyck dropped, Forever Grateful featuring Prabh Deep which was received warmly by a lot. With back to back releases planned, he is in no mood to wait and releases, Problem Solver from the same upcoming mixtape, PharmaSlyck.

The track is self explanatory and you will find out 30 seconds into the song what actually is the problem solver. This however is a little edgier from the usual ‘Problem Solver’ vibe, it bumpier and it’s roller coaster ride. The track has been mixed and mastered by current New Delhi favorite champ Prabh Deep (is there any thing this dude does not do). The video is done #MojoArt who also features in the video, while they were kicking it in goa. It also has glimpses from a show at “The Hum Hip Hop Project” and has cameos by Smokey and Urmi from the very same night from Bangalore itself. Check it out!!