DJ Green Lantern – ‘Bhangra Bounce’ – & his collab with Pak-Man!


DJ+Green+Lantern+Evil+Dead+Fan+Party+Comic+VATSEJYohm6lDJ Green Lantern is one of the dopest Hip Hop DJs in the game today. He’s worked with hundreds of artists worldwide, and toured every big city in the world like it’s nothin’! Recently, he linked up with Desi Hip Hop artist, Pak-Man, to release Pak-Man’s upcoming mixtape “Lyrical Warfare”.

Shady Records

Green Lantern has been busy ever since he got into music. He was one of Eminem’s official DJs at Shady Records and he took that to the next level. As a member of the Shady Records family, Green Lantern also hosted a show on Eminem’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel, Shade 45, along with an accompanying mixtape released in the fall of 2004. As Eminem’s DJ, Green Lantern was responsible for touring with him and spinning at shows such as the Shady National Convention and The Game’s album release party. He has hosted mix-tapes for JADAKISS, NAS, MAINO and many other big names.

Watch the Exclusive interview with Pak-Man

Over the years, he’s released 20+ albums and mixtapes by himself, and released a lot more with artists all over the world. Artists including Eminem, Mike Shinoda, Royce da 5’9″, Immortal Technique, and now, Pak-Man.

Pak-Man linked up with DJ Green Lantern to bring his latest mixtape – Lyrical Warfare. The mixtape is set to fire up audiences worldwide. and spark a unique attention to all of the artists involved. Pak-Man explained how his collaboration with DJ Green Lantern came about, and this is what he had to say:

“Well I moved to Atlanta from Dayton, Ohio, about 6 months ago. I got linked up with Green’s assistant and told him I’ve been a fan green-lantern-liveof DJ Green Lantern for over 10 years and would be honored if he’d host my current mix-tape. He gave me his e-mail address and asked me to send some of my music. He didn’t make any promises and said that DJ Green Lantern‘s very picky about what he endorses and only works with rappers who are skillful. So I sent him the E-Mail and didn’t really keep my hopes up high.About a week later I got contacted by “Dj Green Lantern” himself! He said he was feeling it and agreed to host my mix-tape! I couldn’t even describe to you my excitement! Shortly after that we handled the ” Business” end of it. After further conversation with him, I was intrigued to find out how knowledgeable he is with the “Desi community”. He travels overseas a lot for shows and even goes by “International Green”. He even made a dope ass mix called “Bhangra Bounce”which is a Desi inspired mix! So this just made him 10x DOPER to me. You never know what you’ll learn about a person until you actually have a conversation with them.”

This album’s going to be HUGE! I, personally, can’t wait till it drops!

Pak-Man ‘Lyrical Warfare’ releases Aug 8th!

“Lyrical Warfare” – Pak-Man – Music Video Out Now!