DIVINE is the first ever Hindi rapper on Fire in the Booth


Divine has been stirring heads for quite some time and he took it a notch further when he had the first ever Hindi Fire in the Booth. He just went 0 to 100 real quick.

divine charlie sloth bbc asian fire in the booth

What is further impressive is that he was caught off guard by Charlie Sloth himself. DIVINE claims to be a huge Charlie Sloth fan and it was priceless to see his expression when Charlie Sloth gave him the surprise. They did not waste much time and soon it was “LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE” time. Divine was put on the spot and given an assortment of beats on which he rapped verses from his hits, “JUNGLE RAJA” and “YEH MERA BOMBAY“. There were a hiccup or two on the third beat and he went off tempo for a bit but he compensated for it by shredding the “SHOOK ONCE” beat into shreds with a never before heard verse. The video shows Charlie Sloth bumping his head from start to the end.

This is a very big achievement for DIVINE for which we salute him. Check this out :