The Dinner Table – Hoodini + Salvin + Povan Beats

Hoodini‘s been in the Hip Hop scene for quite a while now. He’s made more than a handful of appearances at, with his partner King. The duo from Los Angeles consisting of emcee Hoodini and producer King! have been making some serious hip-hop magic together since 2007 with performances all over California and North America.

Now, he’s linked up with Salvin to release their latest gem ‘The Dinner Table”. It’s a tight song with the trio having a whole lot of fun at an art gallery (Yes, it’s really an Art gallery at the recent SouledOut Tour!). I dig the lyrical works of art, as well as the smooth beat to make it a dope song altogether. I also enjoyed the cameo by Inkquisitive Illustration’s Amandeep Singh, aka Mr. Inkquisitive, a London based Artist/Graphic Illustrator who recently went on a North American tour titled the SouledOut Tour.

Check out the visuals below and share your thoughts!

[youtube id=”140xwdJSGq0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]