DHH Interview: Mo Sabri is ‘The Overnight Classic’


From a small town in Tennessee, U.S.A. to the top of the iTunes World charts, Mo Sabri is a Hip-Hop force ready to make 2012 his year. Mo Sabri released his album on Janury first and has very quickly peaked at the number 5 spot on iTunes charts.

Before diving into his album, Mo Sabri describes his sound. “It’s Hip-Hop, but it appeals to a mainstream audience,” Mo states. “Other than my voice, there isn’t really a sound that can define myself as an artist. I’ve had a classical musician upbringing, and I can play instruments such as guitar and double bass. So, I brought those influences into my hip hop. Except for a couple exceptions, I don’t really sample or remix other songs. My verses are all rapping, and most of the choruses have singing. There are some electronic aspects to it, but most of the instruments are real. I’d say the closest artist would be Kid Cudi, but that’s just a general ball park. Most people say I have my own unique sound.”

His unique sound is clearly appealing to a greater audience with the success the album has seen thus far. “It [The Overnight Classic] is sitting at #7 on the iTunes World chart and it feels great. It shows that people are really responding to my music and wanting to buy it. It feels like all the work I put into my album over the past year is worth it.”

Discussing the creation of his album, Mo reveals “This is my first release in over a year. I have been writing and recording it for the entire year of 2011. I took my time on it to make it perfect, but since I toured the UK in the summer, that also made it take longer. It was all worth it though, because the album turned out exactly how I wanted it.”

So what does Mo have in store for us in 2012?  “I just released my album at the beginning of the year, so I plan on touring around the U.S. and U.K. in support of it.” Mo Sabri also reveals there is a music video on its way, “My new single will be my U.K. tour music video. It is very fun and impressive; it shows my concerts for thousands of fans and also my traveling adventures.”

Be sure to get your copy of The Overnight Classic cause Desi Hip-Hop is a train and it is on the fast track!