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Nivla release a track called: “Till i’m gone” on Encore: “The Official Desihiphop.com mixtape Vol.2” and DHH had the chance to sit down with the NYC rapper to give our readers an inside look into who he is as an artist. Check out the interview and his track below:

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]

DHH: Who is Nivla and what makes him tick ?

South Asian Rapper who is most known for placing Top 3 during the Doritos “Crash the Superbowl” contest and being one of the first South Asian to have a distribution deal through Interscope Records. What makes me tick is knowing tommorrow’ aint promised…so promise to give it your all today…

DHH: Location Represented?

NYC city to the fullest ! Birthplace of Hip Hop…I’ve recently been blessed to move to an area with the best view of NYC. There is nothing more motivating that being able to see this view and know anything is possible.

DHH: What Music Means to you?

Music to me is the unspoken language which bonds people to their emotion and makes them one with their souls.

DHH: Challenges Overcame in your musical journey?

It’s the challenge I face now. Trying to garner recognition to be a great artist. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy and keep telling yourself to quit. I want to be able to prove that South Asian artists have talent to break into the mainstream industry as rappers.

DHH: Unknown Fact/Information about yourself?

Businessman by day, rapper by night. I have my 9 to 5 hustle to pay the bills and put toward my music projects. Sometimes people who see me in the street in NYC as Nivla are suprised cuz I’m in my Suit and Tie…far from the Jay-Z paper so I gotta keep rockin till music can sustain my living for me…I aint one of these artists whose gonna tell you I make more money than I do…I would hope these other artists keep it just as real…we don’t believe you…you need more people…

DHH: Self-Description Track (One Track That Describes the you)?

Feet on the Ground which was featured on MTV RapFixLive earlier this year. It portrays my struggle trying to succeed in a thankless industry

DHH: Current Project?

Right now I’m taking it one record at a time. One video at a time. My opinion is that the consumer has a very short attention span…so you need to feed them consistently and slowly….one spoon at a time instead of the whole plate at once to keep their interest peaked..

DHH: Musical Aspirations?

I am looking to make a modest living off my music, be able to do what i love…I’m not going to be a rapper forever…so I’d like to coach these younger kids coming up…serve as an A&R for them…help them build a future for themselves..

DHH: Favorite Element of a Track?

On a commercial level…the Hook….if a Hook is whack…your song is whack….on a lyrical level the verses….when you listen to a Nas song…you don’t care much for a hook…you wanna hear what homay is saying..

DHH: Best Tour Location?

I’ve performed in LA, AZ, Florida, Philly, DC and a bunch of other areas…but nothing beats rocking ya hometown crowd in NYC

DHH: Artist Influences?

Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye…The Fugees…Tribe..

DHH: Wish List Artist Feature?

Justin Beiber…seriously…haha..he’s dope…I’ll work with anyone willing to put their heart into a project…

DHH: Hottest Video Vixen?

That girl with the phat A## in that one video….narrows it down ? haha….i love a woman for her intellectual capacity…so I don’t really know any of these chicks by name….you seen one…you seen em all…

DHH: Illest Emcees (List 5)?


in no particular order..

DHH: Finish the Lyric (w/ Personal Freestyle):

Click here to download the mixtape for FREE: Encore: “The Official Desihiphop Mixtape Vol. 2”

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