DHH Exclusive Interview with King Roti


King Roti track Need em all (Girls, girls, girls) was recently featured on Encore: The Official Desihiphop.com mixtape vol 2 and DHH had a chance to sit down with the Canadian rapper to give our readers an inside look into what makes King Roti tick. Check out his track and interview below:

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]

DHH: Who is “King Roti” and what makes him ‘tick’?

King roti is the name and music has been his game for the last 6 years.appearing in radio stations and tv channels throughout North America and the uk . Singles over the past few years include don’t cry his first desi single was Ek Sapna which had great reviews throughout the desi music scene including many more. Check out his YouTube channel kingroti tv for all his singles and videos

DHH: Location Represented?

Toronto Canada

DHH: What Music Means to you?

Music is self expression a way to escape reality and a search for my deepest inner thoughts

DHH: Challenges Overcame in your musical journey?

I have had to overcome the lack of support and outlets presented to every independent artist looking for an avenue to be heard

DHH: Unknown Fact/Information about yourself?

I was actually born in Kenya Nairobi which does have a big Indian population

DHH: Self-Description Track (One Track That Describes the you)?

Find your dreams ft my homie sinister

DHH: Current Project?

Half way home my debut album

DHH: Musical Aspirations?

To stay truthfull to my message

DHH: Favorite Element of a Track?

Having an idea and see it come to life over a beat

DHH: Best Tour Location?


DHH: Artist Influences?

Beatles tupac biggie actually most mid 90’s hip hop

DHH: Wish List Artist Feature?


DHH:Hottest Video Vixen?

White girl gotta be Kate Upton
Indian girl gotta be bipasha
Black girl gotta be Kim kardashin
Wait she ain’t black lol

DHH: Illest Emcees (List 5)?

PAC biggie jayz nas eminem

DHH: Finish the Lyric (w/ Personal Freestyle):

Homie I be reckless only desi with a deal that will still snash ya neck less top five desi alive I be on the checklist !

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