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DHH would like to introduce its readers to Amar, a rapper from California. Just like any rapper he is try to find his way in the music industry and we over at DHH would like to shine some light on his music and who he is as an artist. Amar latest track: “Hometown” was recently featured on, “Encore: The Official Desihiphop.com mixtape vol. 2“, which is available as a FREE download. Check out our interview and the video for: “Hometown” below and make sure to leave a comment.

DHH: Who is Amar and what makes him tick ?

Amar is simpily a 24 year old who grew up in the bay… went to school…. works a corporate job…. plays bball….. steals hearts…. and dreams Big.

My music is based on the feeling you get when you are at the club sweating your ass off but cant take your hands off this girls waist because you’re celebrating being single. My music is what you listen to during your first time with your special someone… its the song you sing to as loud as you can when you’re in the shower. Its the joint you ride through the city with you’re boys on a friday night. I’m everything and anything that you see and feel in a day to day lifestyle. Pent house suites or the projects…. Put me on and tell me how you feel. Thats Amar.

DHH: Location Represented?

“The Bay” Oakland/San Francisco

DHH: What Music Means to you?

Music to me means life. A smile on my face when I hear a certain song on the radio.. to the chills I get down my spine when a song pops on in my iPod reminding me of an ex. Its the reason why I live…It feels like the beat to my heart is always in its own rythym. Music is what helps me wake up each morning.

DHH: Challenges Overcame in your musical journey?

Proving to my parents and the rest of the world that I could make it on my own. Going to school and college all on sports scholarships, seeing that look in my parents eyes when I got my diploma or crossed the finish line durring a race. Now probably making more than what your dad makes… and still trying to rep for my city, my fam, friends and fans. Losing a little brother, or simply trying to figure out how my folks were going to make rent…… everyday and every moment has some form of struggle. But its how you LEARN from those struggles is when you change those struggles into lessons.

DHH: Unknown Fact/Information about yourself?

I played pro ball in India

DHH: Self-Description Track (One Track That Describes the you)?

I feel like each song I’ve made has a good chunk of Amar in it… so there isn’t just one track that i can say describes me. I feel like ince you finsih my mixtape… u get to know me.

DHH: Current Project?

“Catch me if you can.” My third mixtape, hopefully releasing in Feb.

DHH: Musical Aspirations?

To be in everyone’s IPOD by 2014…. Being able to perform around the world, platinum albums, grammy’s, more heartbreaks, sing in a hindi movie, #1 on Billboard… and hopefully be big enough to change the world.

DHH: Favorite Element of a Track?

I like Piano solo’s with no beats….. It lets me dig deep down inside and just went to the beat, both rapping and singing.

DHH: Best Tour Location?

Throughout the bay. Nothing like performing for your home crowd.

DHH: Artist Influences?

Everything and everyone I’ve ever listend to. Marvin Gay to Mohammad Rafi ji. Usher, J.cole, drake, Neyo, the Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne…. the list will never stop.

DHH: Wish List Artist Feature?

Eminem, Lil wayne, Ne-yo, Usher, Sonu Nigam

DHH: Hottest Video Vixen?

Lisa Haydan

DHH: Illest Emcees (List 5)?

Pac, Big, Nas, Eminem, Lil Wayne

DHH: Finish the Lyric (w/ Personal Freestyle)

I tell my Dad dont stress I’m a make it I swear
When I make it to the top Im a text you I’m
And I know deep down that my ex still cares
Carnival thrugh life never said it was fair
whats the fair on life when its somethin you cant afford to pay
Knowing that if I aint had it yesterday, I’ll still end up with more today
Haters try and match up with no flames
Spent too long living the life of no names
No money, No dames, Till the Dough came and the the hoes shame
Disappeared cuz I was on fire…. Propane
SO watch me go bar for bar, dollar for dollar, bar for bar
Sky aint the limit for me… I;m reaching star for star

Hope you enjoyed our DHH exclusive interview with Amar. Check out Amar track: “Hometown” which is available for FREE download:

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]

Encore: The Official Desihiphop.com Mixtape vol.2” is available on the Desihiphop.com soundcloud as a FREE download.

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