D’evil – Antisocial (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

D’evil – Antisocial (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

D’evil here talks about his instincts to societies behaviour towards him. In the song he tries to respond to the gestures done by the two faced society. With his antisocial penned down lyrics he tries to make a point that he is not scared of the society and its rules and is someone who is not to be fucked with! This is D’evil’s first music video. They made this with a short team of artists working on it! this song was made with absolutely no budget ! just a few bucks spent on costume and make up.

This song is mostly made up of punchlines and wordplays mostly used in a battle rap format. however such lyrics were required for the theme this song is based on. the characters portrayed in this music video are

Dhaval Parab aka D’evil/Munky Rhymz released his new music video of the song named Antisocial on 21st of May. Music Video of the song Antisocial is out now on YouTube. A special appearance by a very renowned femcee DEE MC as a mime artist in the music video, This song is interesting the beats are pretty dope & catchy, And how Dhaval represented some social acts in his lyrics was marvellous. Check out the the video below on YouTube.

Rapper: D’evil
Music Produced by : Vinayak Jayaram
Art Direction/Costume : Kedar Amburle and Dhaval Parab

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/devilmumbai