DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/64)

It’s a new week and that means a new Hot 5!

As you know, there are tons of Desi Hip Hop and we try our best to watch out and listen to every one of those. Below are the hot 5 Tracks we’re feeling this week at DHH HQ.



This week witnessed an insane trap release by Artistaan‘s very own Ravi ‘Raga’ Mishra and Bhavya ‘Kaadar’ Sehgal. ‘Trippy Lekhak’ is all about creating punchlines with examples while flowing pronto on the beat. Kaadar has sung a hook that’s guaranteed to grab your attention and therefore once again proved that his style of lyricism is the one that no one should sleep on. Raga went after Kaadar and managed to spit a complex verse which was not as complex as his previous ones but has nothing that makes it bad at all. If you’re looking for a track that you can jam along with, this one is surely for you.

Watch ‘Trippy Lekhak’ by Kaadar and Raga here:


‘The Race’ discusses how the world around is controlled monetarily and is the reason for most of the problems around us if not all. Shah ate up the instrumental and burped out some nasty verses. Zoya, who is a blessed singer and hails from LA kills it on the hook. This is a chill track with some classic East-Coast vibes that will ultimately force you to recheck the choices you have taken to live your life. Shah Rule is one of the most renowned names in the scene right now and has done shows outside of the country.

Watch ‘The Race’ by Shah Rule featuring Zoya here:


Gulam’, as the name suggests, is picturising the harsh reality of the society. It is a track that stands against the Child labour. This is a serious topic that our country has been facing for a long time. Poetic Revolution uses this track to project a very important and social message. It is presented by Bunny Chakrabarty aka MrBunny and a new face to the scene, Chirag Sharma aka Smogy. These artists are trying to deliver a strong message for the masses who are supporting child labour upon helpless kids without understanding their needs and dreams. The lyrics of this track paint a picture of a helpless child, who struggles to earn a livelihood to survive in this harsh world full of lies and torture.

Watch ‘Gulam’ – Smogy and Mr. Bunny here:


Syed Mohad Ali who is known as Traitor by his stage name is a Riyadh-based hip-hop artist and is associated with Gawky Records. The track is basically a comeback for Traitor as he is not releasing his tracks and is not active in the scene anymore. He shifted to Pakistan for further studies and he got no time for his music. M.ZHE handled the video part and the audio was mixed and mastered by San Cha. It’s a ‘Me Against the World’ type of concept with 2017 flavour in it.

Watch ‘Back To Nowhere’ by Traitor here:


This track is all about the negative things faced by him in his earlier days. He remembers when we would wake up at night and think about his upcoming days when he was all broken by heart and mind. The instrumental is produced by Noname Beatz and Lucifer recorded the vocals for the same. Sam who is known as SBR did the mixing and mastering for the track. Loaded with some good punches and a smooth flow on a beat is the thing that makes this project unique. He tried to put out all his experience in this song by telling that how he faced those problems and overcame them. He also hopes that people who are in trouble from their work could get connect through this song and get back stronger.

Watch ‘Shaitaan’ by Jeff Sahil here: