DesiHipHop & Underground Music League Teams up in a Partnership

Underground Music League (U.M.L) & DesiHipHop joined hands for Underground Artists

DesiHipHop have been supporting Underground artists Since 2011 and we always look forward to new artists that come up with new music. We believe in the little guy’s dreams, the underground artist, the artist that no one wants to give a chance to. We support those exact people regardless of their “fame”. If an artist makes good music, we do what we can to support them. One of the best ways to spread Hip Hop is to give opportunities  to artists to perform at Cyphers, Jam Sessions, Events & Shows. So finally we met U.M.L (Underground Music League) these guys are from Delhi and they always supported Underground artists from Delhi or anywhere from India doing Public Shows or doing online contests for them. And now DHH & U.M.L is joining hands for you guys, U.M.L & DHH will soon be organizing shows, events, jam sessions etc. Do read the Press Release below for more information about this.


After a brief meeting in New Delhi, Underground Music League (UML) and Desi Hip Hop (DHH) joined hands to change the perception of Delhi’s Underground scene for good. UML has done shows all over Delhi that spans from reputed colleges like IIT, SRCC, DTU, Khalsa, Ramjas, MAIT, CBS, DRC etc. to open venues like Talkatora stadium and Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium where they organised an event in Street Food Fest by NASVI, entertaining 20 thousand people and were under media coverage for 2 days. UML has always focused on promoting quality music and is now recognized as one of the important initiatives towards Underground Artists in Delhi.

UML’s basic essence lies in creating awareness about the underground music among the masses and giving real talent a chance to pursue their passion. Underground Music League has already taken significant steps to create an offline presence in Delhi and NCR by doing events in malls, colleges, clubs and all sorts of open venues. Organizing offline events is just a small part of what UML does for uplifting Artists of ANY Genre. They have ventured into various areas like beat boxing, dancing, singing, rapping, B boying etc. Now, DHH and UML have joined hands to take things a step further.

With DHH having a huge online reach with its roots extending from US to Mohali, it will be safe to say that it is a big collaboration and a lot can be expected from these two giants. Their initial plan is to organize Hip Hop Sundays in Cafe Zook that will aim to promote the underground music at a new level. This will be followed by organizing shows where Artists from different cities can come under one roof to show case their talent and to let the masses know what raw and real music is. During the collaboration discussions, the love for music on both sides was quite evident and so was their passion towards uplifting artists and forming a platform for all the upcoming artists. Hence, being a pioneer in Underground Music with a common vision that Desi Music be given an equal status as mainstream music in the industry is what this collaboration stands for. There cannot be a better way to work for what UML stands for, “Together We Rise.”