partners with ‘Pepsi MTV Indies’ to bring you the worlds largest Indie Music platform!

PepsiMTVIndies_article partners with Pepsi MTV Indies to bring you a platform that’s by the artist, of the artist, and for the world!

Pepsi MTV Indies is the world’s largest platform for independent sub cultures and has been built in collaboration with a collective of artists and supporters of the independent scene. Led by Music, Pepsi MTV Indies reflects other subcultures like independent Films, Art, Comedy and more, thereby taking these alternative art forms into the homes of millions. The channel seamlessly integrates into the digital world with an editorially rich, responsive website, a unique Indie music discovery app, concerts and festivals. Pepsi MTV Indies is a channel that’s by the artist, of the artist, and for the world., too, believes in these same principles. When we started the company, our main vision was to create a platform for independent Desi artists to showcase their talents. Our goal is to give a voice to the “little guy” and help make their dreams come true. So, it only made sense to collaborate with Pepsi MTV Indies’ brilliant initiative, and join hands to provide something unique to Desi Hip Hop artists worldwide.

We are proud to announce this partnership, which will undoubtedly bring the spotlight to the immense talent of independent Desi Hip Hop artists as they finally get a platform to be seen and appreciated on.


Submit Your Music Videos

Individual videos will be “curated by” and submitted to the Pepsi MTV Indies platform! To submit, simply fill up this form, follow the requirements, and you’re done.

Must be original content, free of copyrights
Must be a newly released or unreleased music video
Must be rendered in the highest quality, 1080p or 720p
Must be uploaded on a 3rd party website, such as Dropbox, Sendspace, Hightail
Must include the logo for 2 seconds at the end of the music video.