DesiHipHop & BEG Presents you with Legend


So here we have the All Star Crew BEG setting a message with this latest release Legend. This super group, BEG (Black Eye Galaxy) consists of Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh, Kallmeup and Rush Toor all of them who have made a mark in their zone.

If this beat would be a human, then it would have been killed in massacre because the beat has been massacred. What has made me a fan of the crew is that they were able to pull of sounding like a unit. Many crews often sound like different individuals just collaborating on track, recording their individual verses and putting a hook but not BEG. The track goes to and from between English and Punjabi, it is this oscillation which kept me intrigued. The switches are effortlessly smooth and accompanies the hard hitting yet gloomy ambience of the beat. The crew is humbly bragging about their accolades and establishing themselves as LEGENDS. My personal favorite would be Mohan Singh who has made killing verses a habit and I am an avid fan of his delivery.

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The Video of this track Legend is made by Mixed Marshall Arts & if you ask me personally he has done a great job with the video, scripting, storyline everything just looks perfect in this animated Music Video. This music video is one of a kind.

There are plenty rap groups in the Desi circuit but this one has the cumulative experience to surpass them all. A very interesting concept, impacting lyrics, crispy beat and an awesome production make this track a must check out.