Desi Rappers in Saudi Arabia rep DHH with a Cypher

Recently Gawky Records – a collective of Desi artists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – linked up together to promote the Hip Hop movement to the Desi audience in the middle east.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar comprises of a large Desi population in the millions. So it’s interesting to see underground rappers from these communities link up together and spit some dope rhymes in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and even Arabic, in the middle of the desert city of Riyadh! It’s great to see all of these languages together on one cypher video representing true “Unity through Hip Hop“; we’re behind that sort of movement all day everyday!

Check it out below and share your thoughts with us!

This Cypher Features Thugzy ( Psycho Thugzy ) as a Arabic Rapper, Traitor ( Syed Mohad Ali ) as a Hindi/Urdu Rapper, The Ray – Punjabi Rapper ( Yousaf Malik ) as a Punjabi Rapper, Raamis Ali as a Urdu Rapper, R.c Da Desi Rapper ( Arsalan Malik ) as a Punjabi Rapper and M.zhe Punjabi Rapper ( Dusty Mechanic ) as a Punjabi rapper. The beat is produced by The Unbeatables. The cypher was Organized by TRAITOR & M.ZHE. Thanks to our camera assistants Burhan Wahid & Shah Zaib.