Desi Rappers be like… A LOT MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!


Recently Adil Omar (also known by a handful of other names in the ‘RAP’ Game of Pakistan), posted a video on his Instagram and facebook where Mr Talal Qureshi (beatmaker behind #KholoBC) is kind of dissing desi rappers and brings in a reference of ‘Kameez teri Kaali’ with hand gestures and then ‘Gaddi de Sheeshay Kaalay’ with more hand gestures not really matching with his words but yea he ain’t no rapper (Link).

BOHEMIA - Koi Nai (Official Video)
Bohemia – Imitated by many, Duplicated by none.

We get what he’s trying to say. But let’s break this down, Kameez teri kaali is a classic Pakistani song, no one copies it, literally no one. It’s an illusion of Mr Talal, I guess. I do agree there are lot of sh!t rappers out here in our country, in fact they don’t deserve to be called rappers but they are trying, trying in a language which is understood by millions. I mean music itself in any shape or form is a universal language on its own then how come someone rapping in Punjabi or English makes a difference. Secondly, let me enlighten ‘Gaddi de sheeshay kaalay’ for these two gentleman. This is the one song that singlehandedly pioneered the desi hip hop genre, when it came out in 2006. All rappers in the desi world at some point in time have tried to copy, imitate or get inspired from Bohemia who speaks the language of millions where these two gentleman bring rap in English which genre is merely understood  by 5-6% of Pakistanis. They may have international connections but if they are trying to mess with the unity of Hip Hop by releasing such videos because it’s so uncool to rap in Punjabi, they should come up with something in that language, not use English to their advantage and not just a track that is trying to lift a ban on a foreign website.

Last but not the least, if by any chance they are trying to raise the bar in this country or Hip Hop in general, Kendrick Lamar’s control verse can come in handy, ‘real’ handy. And if this video was a ‘real’ attempt, ‘realistically’ speaking, a couple  hundred likes is what they get. They have to try ‘real’ hard. We don’t need bullshit in hip hop, we need bridges. This, Mr. Talal, is disrespect to the genre and the game, admit it.


It’s like someone from Southern US (where Trap Music originated) might just look at your track ‘Chilling in Taxila’ and go like ‘this is how desis do trap by adding lines from Bollywood comedians’, but they don’t. In fact, they support everything qualitative that comes from Pakistan. Same goes for Mr. Adil Omar. Hip Hop ain’t something to be clowned with disrespect, it’s something to be crowned with RESPECT.