Desi Hustlers – Gulli ft. Kellie Singh

Desi Hustlers go “Gulli” with Kellie Singh!

The Desi Hustlers are back with another controversial song for India.  No far from the smash hit “DARU” ft Kellie, “GULLI” is for mature ears only, so little people please be warned!  The Desi Hustlers have always taken a swing on the wild side releasing music that may have serious culture clash because of sensitive topics in India.  But they’re back at it again with Kellie Singh!

Desi Hustlers come from one of the biggest families in music history of India are two brothers Gora and Manpreet Singh from Dehli, India. Being sons of legendary Shamsher Mehndi, brother to legendary Daler Mehndi and Mika Singh, music is in their veins.

Manpreet and Gora have been involved in the production of many tracks which have been circulating nationally on underground mainstream and Bollywood circuits. They have caught the eyes of major labels and currently just came back from a tour in Pakistan opening for Speed Records film premieres such as Jatty & Julliet starring Folkie Dosangh. They have just filmed a new high budget video for Speed Records in England for a single that will also be coming out in couple weeks called Jatta.

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