I Am Desi, I Am HipHop

Written by: @Naboolad

“Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live” –KRS ONE

desi, hiphop, macklemooreWe are living in an age, in a time frame where things aren’t conventional anymore. You don’t need to be a veteran in the corporate industry to make millions or even billions these days. Life and how we live it is based more on quality than quantity. One such phenomenon in recent times has been hip-hop. The beauty of HipHop is that you don’t necessarily need a good voice or formal training to become a part of the music industry. If you have seen struggle, if you have seen the hustle, if you have a passion to express yourself in spoken word, you can be a HipHop artist. We have many examples today.

It is simply about who, what, where, when and why of a person’s life. It’s a story in rhythm. Be it gangsta’ in nature, or mediocre but has to be lyrical has to be deep. It has to be something that you can relate to in everyday life or have probably seen. It has to be real, it has to be true.

kendrick, lamar, desi, hiphopNow we see a lot of rappers who talk about the amount of b*tches and gold chains and diamonds they have but that’s not feasible, that’s a seasonal thing to talk about as Kendrick Lamar reminds us in his album Good Kid Madd City where he takes us ten years back and using the basic hip hop formula, tells us a story untold and unfolds new horizons for many to seek and rediscover their potential. I mean it opened my eyes with a personal touch even though it was about a 17 year old guy from Compton. If rap is the body, then hip hop on the whole is the mind and soul behind it.

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1958402_10153880119045580_1486625078_nYou don’t even have to be from the hood or some sort of rough neighborhood. All you got to be is yourself, be original. You can’t be the next Snoop, Lazarus, Dre or Bohemia but you can definitely be you. This is an article I am writing to let people know that hip hop is not everyone’s thing but again it is everyone’s thing if they can be real about it. Fake people don’t even stand a chance in selling burgers at the local McDonald’s, then how can they rhyme, write and spit ripe bars. Moreover, these days there’s a trend of anyone who can talk about crime is a rapper. Most of these kids come from pampered families and don’t be even know the ABC of Crime so how can they relate to it. It’s better to talk about what you have witnessed or something you are trying to promote. Be it awareness for a project, or flirting with your crush hip hop is modern times of poetry. If that wasn’t the case, most OGs of the music industry who live for the art more than labels and capitalism wouldn’t take inspiration from poets and artists of the past. Hip Hop in simple words is evolution of poetry to the next super duper level. So all you poets out there, writers out there if you have a true story to tell – go for it, DesiHipHop.com is with you.

I am Desi, I am HipHop

Written by: @Naboolad