Desi Hip Hop – Rebel of KhanArtists


Rebel of KhanArtists just released a new single titled ‘Desi Hip Hop’. And the song didn’t just catch our attention because of it’s awesome title, but because it’s a really dope song. The message expressed in the song speaks and breathes our brand’s motto – “UNITY thru HIP HOP” – very well.

The artist – Rebel – put it all together and he even composed the beat. I love this beat, it’s got such an epic feel to it. And his verses are great too – very inspiring lyrics, very motivational, and that’s just how I love it! This is the kind of song I listen to early in the morning to wake my sleepy butt up!

“Imagine a sense of Unity amongst all Human beings, we were one un-tampered by the sickened regimes. Livin’ a dream, untouched by sinister schemes, United as One!” – Chorus, “DesiHipHop” by Rebel of KhanArtist

After hearing his previous work on, I was excited to check out what he had in store for us. The fact that the track is dedicated to us means a lot to us, and we take it as a testament to our hard work. We’ve been passionately working on this worldwide DesiHipHop brand for many years for the love of Hip Hop, and to cater to our Desi audience as best as possible. Our goal to empower Desi artists will always be an ongoing process, and songs like this one inspires us to continue our work to make an impact that’s larger than life!

Ok enough talk, time to listen to this banger!

Rebel of KhanArtists – Desi Hip Hop