Desi Hip Hop by Manj Musik, Raftaar, Badshah & Squad Out Now

desi hip hop manj musik raftaar song

The music video of the collaboration single ‘Desi Hip Hop‘ is out now. Released through MTV, this is a major validation for the world wide Desi Hip Hop movement.

Manj Musik linked up with Raftaar, Raxstar, Badshah, Humble the Poet, Roach Killa, and Sarb Smooth. The track linked up artists from across the world – from Canada (Humble) to the UK (Raxstar) to India. It is nice to see various Desi Hip Hop artists link up together to work on this. For years, we’ve seen a surge of artists competing against eachother, while we kept pushing our motto of ‘Unity Through Hip Hop‘. Unity is something that we’ve been working on since day 1, and we finally see artists uniting to live up to that.

Watch Desi Hip Hop by Manj Musik feat Raxstar, Roach Killa, Humble The Poet, Badshah, Sarb Smooth & Raftaar

The Movement is Alive

The Desi Hip Hop movement has been alive and kicking for well over a decade now. Originating from its pioneers in the West Coast by artists such as Bohemia, J.Hind, and many others; it is finally creating major global waves, and creating a change in the movement across the UK, Europe, and worldwide. Our inside sources tell us that Bohemia is about to release a song with the same title – ‘Desi Hip Hop’ – soon, and that will undoubtedly fire up the Bohemia fans. But, we believe that no sort of animosity is required because at the end of the day, all Desi artists need to start working with each other instead of against each other to get the mainstream recognition that all Desi Hip Hop artists deserve.

Do you think these artists expressed the true essence of Hip Hop through this collaborative song – Desi Hip Hop?