Demo’s New ‘Electric’ Video

Ever since Demo was spotted spitting his sick flows on Youtube, we knew he was tight. It was at least two years ago, and he was barely seventeen, when he obliterated the ExpandaUK mics with his remakeof T.I.’s Castle Walls. That Demo remix is still one of my favorite songs, and definitely a great rendition of the original song with some amazing lyrical content.

Demo, in 2013, is pushing for more hits, and working on a lot more music. His unique UK grime style really stands out in his latest work, Electric. This song was recorded with a pop vocal from the United Kingdom, Mitch Summers. It’s a hype song and extremely potent for club circles around the globe. It’s a DJ’s gem and great music for a night out in the city. In fact, the video makes me want to jump around, till I can’t stop! And Demo comes in and totally takes control of the rap verses and provides his unique touch of art. He kind of resembles a Desi Tinie Tempah, but I enjoy the energy in this piece.

Watch Demo Ft Mitch Summers – ELECTRIC!

[youtube id=”Zh3AXAApUVA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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