Deep Jandu & Gangis Khan’s Tribute To Mary Jane

Puff, Puff, Click. *Cough*. ‘Mary Jane’ is taking over the web, and my brain cells. I’m talking about Deep Jandu & Gangis Khan‘s latest music video – ‘Mary Jane‘ – not the other thing that you’re thinking about… well, maybe.

The two T.Dot artists – Deep Jandu & Gangis Khan – go in on this dope beat to create an enjoyable single, and music video. I found the hooks to be extremely catchy, and the verses to be dope as well. I had my head bobbin’ to this one throughout my toke session – by that, I mean, while I was driving around bumpin’ good music toking on some hookah – or nah. Either way, grab your lighters, check out this banger.

Watch Deep Jandu x Gangis Khan – Mary Jane