DeeliteMc & Hannah Harleen in ‘Find That Love’

deelitemc hannah harleen find that love
DeeliteMc & Hannah Harleen

U.K. Based Rapper DeeliteMc drops an exclusive Video from his forthcoming album which is to be released early 2016 “Find That Love” track is also a part of his second EP. He has teamed up with American singer Hannah Harleen in an internationals collaboration which has been getting a lot of love from listeners and radio shows in the Uk and in the USA. The video was a a combination of shots from uk and America. Hannah Harleen is a English singer who can sing in Hindi and Punjabi as demonstrated in this catchy song .

hannah harleen deelitemc find that love

DeeliteMc wrote the lyrics to the song and has plenty more songs to release this year . He initially released his first mixtape in April 2015 entitled #DeeliteMc which was a fusion of hiphop and Rnb mixed with Indian sounds giving it that urban flavour. The mixtape did really well getting him radio interviews and live performances at various Melas in the UK. Deelitemc has also been featured several times on BBC Asian network as a feature Artist on several occasions he is sure to make some big waves in the Asian Music scene this year .


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