The day has come – Brotha Hood and Shaikhspeare


Brotha Hood & Shaikhspeare in this new Single ‘ The Day Has Come’

brotha hood shaikhspeare the day has come

Brotha Hood is a Rap/Hip-Hop act from India who has been taking the Mumbai scene by storm for the last 2 years. Following the release of Keep Going , which is the first single from the debut album Belief , Brotha Hood teams up with fellow Mumbai rapper Shaikhspeare to release the second track titled “The Day Has Come”. The release has been awaited by many fans and Indian Underground Rap listeners alike as the teaser of the music video had further hyped it up.

Brotha Hood

“The Day Has Come” is a peppy talk in the form of a song. Its optimistic , inspirational and uplifting to the listener. Rapper Brotha Hood has much expectations from this release and it will hopefully match it up.

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