Das Racist Teams Up With Bikram Singh for a ‘Punjabi Song’

Das Racist switches things up with a Bhangra collaboration with Bikram Singh. Is the collaboration a musical masterpiece or a bit of a mess?

Das Racist is a rap group from Brooklyn, NY that made their debut in 2010 with the release of their mixtape Shut Up, Dude. Six months later Das Racist dropped Sit Down, Man. They caught the attention of mainstream media and are now ready for release their debut album Relax.

Bikram Singh is a lawyer in N.Y. by day and a Bhangra act by night. His music has reached international masses and his latest single “Beyonce” has fans excited for his upcoming album Bik.I.Am.

The revelation of the Bikram Singh collaboration came in April when Bikram tweeted “linkin up with Das Racist for a track!! holla!”  The track is titled “Punjabi Song” which makes sense once you hear the tune.