D12 – Raw As It Gets ft Lazarus (Official Music Video)

You know that when Lazarus is going to get along with D12, which has been a part of Eminem‘s band/entourage there will be a carnival full of bars. It was so refreshing to see lyricism being served on such a versatile pallet. I have no doubt that I am fan of the Detroit sound.

d12 raw as it gets kuniva lazarus

The entire clan goes hard in ‘Raw As It Gets‘ which is track from the ‘Dirty Dozen’s Devils Night Mixtape‘. D-12 and Lazarus both have several accolades and achievements and have always been mentioned in conversations about the Detroit Scene by music critics. Kuniva opens up the track and the following bars : “You killing your brain cells for rhymes, homie I feel you. You trying to out-rap me, I’m trying to outlive you. The second most dangerous group besides them OGs from Compton, Who won’t stop poppin’ until the job’s done“, set up the perfect momentum for Swifty to come in and discuss why they are as raw as it gets. Bizarre in his trademark eccentric mannerisms delivers hilarious punches as usual, case and point : “They can’t tame us, they wanna blame us, for shooting up Lil’ Wayne’s bus“. Lazarus comes in hard and starts with multiple syllable rhymes and makes your head bump without compromising on lyricism.

The track is sick and needs to be checked out right away if you are looking for some heavy punches and Raw lyrics. In this track I am honestly unbiased when I say that Lazarus took the track away with his verse. Check it out :