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To The Culture – Hip Hop is the Knowledge, Hip Hop is the Movement


To The Culture is a Hip Hop Movement started in Mumbai, India by some group of peoples. As they said Hip Hop Culture is growing in India & youngsters are getting aware of what is real HipHop & it’s elements. “To The Culture” is not just a website but the manifestation of what we share through a universal language called – Culture

They are helping people by giving out knowledge about the real culture and scene of Hip Hop, while motivating the people who have skills in any of the 5 elements of Hip Hop which is – MCs- THE VOICE, DJs- THE SOUND, Bboys — THE MOVEMENT, Graffitti- THE VISUAL, Knowledge- THE SOUL. For all aspiring artists, this is where you build with each other, share knowledge, experience, skills, motivation and skills so we can take this culture ahead and embark it on the global scene.